Clayton Hill – Drumming across the world

Clayton Hill Drummer Artist Father Teacher

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Born in South Porcupine, ON, Clayton Hill moved to Lions Bay, BC and then Campbell River, BC where his first band was named after the 30 feet tall “Big Rock” that sits on the shoreline near the south end of town.

Clay honed his drumming skills with a succession of bands, including The Ventures, CCR, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin and Rush to name a few. An education in ‘feel’, ‘dynamics’ and the intricacies of the ‘shuffle’ ensued – playing years of sold-out shows with Elvis impersonators, the Legends Of Rock & Roll and the Roy Orbison Story. Clay remains a committed Roy Orbison fan.

In the early nineties Clay played with Brian Howes (songwriter/producer for Hinder, Faber Drive, Daughtry, and Hedley) and in ’95 he began traveling the world with the popular party band, OZONE/Luv Shak. By the time he hooked up with Trooper his list of favourite places in the world including Shanghai, China, Dubai, UAE, Helsinki, Finland, the UK, USA and Barcelona, Spain.

Father, artist, and teacher

Clayton Hill Drummer Artist Father Teacher

Clay’s proudest moment, though, was the birth of his daughter, Chloe. It was Chloe who inspired Clay to write and record his first solo album, “Hurting To Feel”, which was originally released Jan 2012. Clay’s follow up album, “Souvenirs Of Rust” will be out Spring 2018.

Clay also gives music lessons in the offseason and is inspired by the love of drumming, guitar, and bass of his students.

Clay has recently returned to New Westminster from Lions Bay, BC where he lived for 28 years. His heart is on Vancouver Island and hopes to return in the near future.